Coffees, books and LIFEΒ 

Hi there bloggers welcome back to hazvanmazinjapaz! Last week featured chain drinking coffee, nights out and the onslaught of winter as well as Japanese lessons of joy and READING.
So last week’s Japanese lesson brought me much joy and merriment as our teacher was back and loving life! We learnt the starsigns (yaaaas) and how to talk about flowers (which I LOVED – my love for horticulture is BLOOMING with no sign of wilting – loooool) and I am seriously considering taking an ikebana (Japanese flower arranging ) class. I would be so Scarlett Johansen in Lost in Translation hahahahaha 

After joyful Japanese and receiving a Christmas package from Becca HoLoLington – (what a BABE I am so spoilt!) Friday arrived and then eventually the weekend. Work has been tiring and we’ve all been feeling the end of term but CHRISTMAS IS IN THE AIR and it’s getting me through the CHILL of winter! 
On Friday night I chilled and read. I’ve been reading a lot at the moment and loving it all. All Japanese books e.g. Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto which I LOVED,/ a cheesy teen love story manga called Your Lie In April by Naoshi Arakawa and currently reading Strange Weather In Tokyo by Hiromi Kawakami which I’m also thoroughly enjoying. Reading = fab and I feel like it is ENRICHING MY LIFE. 

Speaking of LIFE ENRICHMENT on Saturday I had a lovely day wandering around Naka Meguro, drinking coffee and basking in the winter sunshine with the lovely Tommy P. We caught up on life and strolled up and down the river drinking delicious mocha orange concoctions and feeling ΓΌber trend (and also getting VERY excited about the return of Big Bang – kpop forevs). 

We wandered over to Daikanyama and looked around the posh shops before heading back home for dinner. 

Saturday night then marked my first night out in AGES. We all bowled over to Nichome and had lolz with the dream team: Zoe chan, Shazza, Jean, Tom and David chan. It was lovely to all have lolzzzzz and we loved our lives πŸ’–

I then headed out to Ageha this HUGE club in Odaiba with Tom and ended up staying out all night (lolz)
Sunday was then understandably fairly quiet, I spent most of it in my pjs in the heating. I did go for a little walk though and gazed adoringly on the autumnal scenes.

Monday then brought more Christmas themed classes. The theme tune to my life is Last Christmas and I am delighted! I have also been going to the lovely Junko’s for lunch loads and got treated to this delight on Monday. I was in pure joy. Plus I had a stilted conversation in Japanese – yassssssss I got MY LIFE. 

Then on Tuesday after work Zoe, Shaz, David and I headed over to Saizeriya for a delightful meal FULL of lolz and tomfoolery. I laughed so much, LOVE THOSE BABES. Was lolz to hang with Zoe chan as I haven’t seen her in AGES and she makes me LOL. Everyone was on top form and loving life πŸ’– David bought me a cinnamon bun on the way home and we LOVED LIFE. FRIENDS ARE GREAT. 
And today has been joyful and I’m now alternating between Kpop, Chaka Khan, Lady Gaga and Christmas music with my cup of tea living my BEST LIFE πŸ’–

That’s pretty much it for this week but I’ll be back next week with more Japan adventures and I’ll be ready for all the crimbo lolzzzzz πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– also I am SO EXCITED because my trip to Australia is AROUND THE CORNER and I cannot wait till Kiri and Stu’s wedding it is going to be INCRED (also van Manens EN MASSE watch out Adelaide lol lol lol) 

just some queens living the dreamΒ 

Hi there bloggers! Welcome back to this week’s edition of hazvanmazinjapaz featuring strutting around my ends, being thankful, so much food, made in chelsea esque rooftop moments and of course the arrival of the most wonderful time of the year.

So this week started with DECEMBER, the opening of the advent calendar and permission to listen to Last Christmas and the Ariana Christmas and Chill EP on REPEAT. 
It also brought sunshine and although winter is upon us life has been swell. Thursday soon rolled round and so did Japanese class. We learnt how to compare the size of Japanese apples and English apples (our teacher was away this week and the lovely lady who taught us is a fruit and vegetable enthusiast- FYI Japanese apples are huge). We had loads of lolz and learnt loads (information overload but I loved it! πŸ’–) 
After lessons and lolz it was soon Friday and the start of the weekend! I headed up to Sangenjaya to meet up with the lovely Simon for drinks and lolz! We headed to this swish rooftop bar and had all the lolz chatting about all our babes in common hi there Jbaz, LDobs and Catherine Macdonagh! We wandered around, had some chicken and waxed lyrical about how much we love Japan πŸ’πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ we loved our lives. 

Saturday then started slowly with a trip to this gorgeous branch of Blue Bottle coffee in Naka Meguro. I sat outside (in December!) did some Japanese and basking in the autumnal sunshine! 

I then went for a stroll and marvelled at all the golden trees with leaves falling all around them. Autumnal bliss.

 After strolling around some temples I headed down to Tsunashima for our work thanksgiving meal! 
Thanksgiving this year was being held by the lovely Jean and Amanda in my old apartment block from last semester. The nostalgia was real and Tsunas was looking beautiful. I arrived and had all the lolz and ate ALL OF THE FOOD. There was roast chicken, miso mash, stuffing, an array of vegetables, olives, cheese and SO MANY DESSERTS. It was delicious. 

We ate outside overlooking the river and it was super chill and fab. After so much food and discussing which queen from history we would be (Nefertiti gurrrrl-queens living the dream) I was zonked. So I headed home for an early night (lolz at me being gramps) 
I then woke up on Sunday and slowly wandered into Naka Meguro for a delish solo brunch πŸ’…πŸΌπŸ’…πŸΌπŸ’…πŸΌ

It was bliss. 

I then went to pick up some Christmas bits and bobs and headed home for lunch and to sort my life out before heading out to Naka Megs once again to grab a DELIGHTFUL hot chocolate with Jess TOP BABE Whitfield. As usual it was lolz from the get go and we giggled and cackled all the way to Daikanyama. We strolled around the SWISH shops and felt expensive until wandering up to a casual rooftop bar with this view… 

It was stunning! We then bumped into Helen and Vestin and had a cheeky bev overlooking the Tokyo skyline! I felt so made in chel/ I kind of felt like BeyoncΓ© (LOL) particularly with this fire (too much) 

I loved the poncho/ blanket vibes. My new look for 2017 HAHA. 

After rooftop lolz we headed down and wandered towards Jess’ favourite ramen in Tokyo and it was A DELIGHT from beginning to end. Still craving it right now haha.

Delicious doesn’t even cover it. 

After a truly phenomenal bowl of ramen we strolled to Ebisu to look at the Christmas lights and loved our lives. 

After seeing these dogs have a photo shoot (they were mobbed by a paparazzi of Japanese dog lovers/passers-by) 

We grabbed a Christmas latte from Starbucks and discussed important topics like why Last Christmas is one of the best Christmas songs of all time. And we slowly decided to head home RELUCTANTLY. Jess Whitfield – light of my life. 
Then yesterday was unintentionally stressful. End of term is real and here and my brain is a bit fried- can’t WAIT till holidays – just around the corner! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ 

However I bought these doughnuts after work and got my life – I LOVE CHRISTMAS 

And today was again a bit all over the place but I got everything together and even had time to get my hair cut. Head hoovered and ready (I have like no hair) here’s a ridiculous picture I just took of me experimenting with pouting (oh lol) 

And on THAT note I think it’s time to go! Drop by next week for more lolz and winterous times! 


All I want for Christmas is a sexy robot

Hi there bloggers! Welcome back to a reasonably chill edition of hazvanmazinjapaz. This week consisted of hilarious Japanese lessons, so many bakeries, a killer view and a sexy robot. πŸ’•πŸ€–πŸ’•

Oh and this adorbz christmas cup πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

So the week started with the return of Hannah Morley to Tokyo and a bit of cheeky sushi πŸ˜‰ lovely to see her after all her Japanese adventures and we caught over all the delish raw fish – it was fab. 

After bidding farewell to Hannah the rest of the week was fairly chilled. Students being LOL and loving the winter fashion. Also all very androgynous, I have one guy student who shares his winter coat with his mum (BABE) and one who very proudly told me his DIVINE velour snood was from H&M Ladies. I love the fash here SO MUCH. 
Speaking of FARSHION Jean wore this incredible purple furry snood thing this week and I LIVED (I tried it on and felt so Russian movie star – I loved it). Apart from ogling at everyone’s clothes and educating young minds I have also been geeking out over Japanese. 

I have been loving it and loving studying and doodling over my book πŸ™ˆ Thursday’s class was also hilarious – after Cat and I bought THE WHOLE BAKERY and had a mini feast we headed up to our lesson and ran riot. 
Our lesson is in a room with a few little lessons happening at the same time and ours is definitely the most lively (and least serious) In this week’s lesson I demonstrated ballet, Cat reaffirmed her status as Yama Girl (mountain girl πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) and when presented with some wonderful flash cards we lost the plot and I exclaimed that the man with bandana on was super on trend. Before I knew it my teacher momentarily disappeared, and then came running back to tie a tea towel round my head, grab my phone at take a picture of me. It was nuts. 

As well as hilarious Japanese lessons it also SNOWED last week! In NOVEMBER! It was surreal but really pretty, giving the Autumn leaves a little dusting of snow. 

However by Friday it had all melted and soon it was time for the end of my last lesson and the beginning of the weeeekkeeenndd (excellent!) 

I decided to head straight into Naka Meguro as I had heard from the housemates that a load of new cafes had opened. I soon found City Bakery AND DIED. 

What better way to spend an evening than eating a POTATO DAUPHINOISE PASTRY and drinking a delicious coffee. It was heavenly. Heaven on earth. 

Post DELIGHTS I wandered around the ever so trendy surroundings and had a cheeky yuzu ramen (bliss) before a lovely stroll home πŸ’•

After a wonderfully chilled Friday night came a wonderfully chilled Saturday. I met up with Cat for a stroll around Omotesando and a delicious lunch in Harajuku. We strolled and lolled and soaked up the winter sun. 

We also marvelled at more fashion (LOVE EVERYTHING) before it was time to depart and I skipped over to Roppongi to meet Tom and Nick. 

Now I’ve always been very resistant to Roppongi (it has pong in the title and it’s got a reputation of being the Magaluf of Tokyo) HOWEVER I had never been to ROPPONGI HILLS. So so fancy. I loved it. I met up with Tom, Nick and Rosie (dream team) and after a coffee we headed into the Mori Art Museum and headed up to the sky deck.

The sky deck is the roof of a skyscraper, completely in the open air with a helipad (!) and atmospheric music. The view was jaw dropping. 


πŸ“·:Tommy P(king of selfies)

After marvelling at the views we headed down into the exhibition which was about space and art. It was cool and weird haha. Lots of mixed media. Lots of existential thought.  The highlight was defs the sexy robot.



After the art ( the video immersive bit at the end was pretty cool, see above πŸ‘†πŸΌ) we headed on down to the Roppongi Hills Christmas Market and had a cheeky sausage and mulled wine! It was lush! 

After strolling and lolling we headed back home feeling culturally enriched and warmed by wine. 

Sunday was then spent Christmas shopping with Tommy P, which was lovely! Highlights included buying a new pink beanie, a Saizeriya lunch and a chain coffee drinking sesh at Blue Bottle in Omesando. I definitely bought more presents for myself than other people and may have to revaluate my “it’s Christmas, treat yourself!” approach (we all know that won’t happen hahaha) 


And today I had classes and just cruised through life. Gearing up for winter and gearing up for crimbo. And loving it obvs. 
See you next week for more lolz XOXO 

🍁🏯🍁 Castles and Koyo πŸπŸ―🍁

Hi there bloggers! Welcome back to hazvanmazinjapaz! I’m starting to write this post on the Shinkansen heading back to Tokyo after a LOVELY weekend away in Nagoya and the surroundings! I have been soaking up all things Aichi and most importantly catching up with the lovely Lizzychan! 
Before the weekend though I had a lovely time teaching, prancing around to Kpop and slowly watching the Autumn arrive! On Monday and Tuesday I chilled, hung out with my housemates who are babes and skyped the lovely Becca HoLOLington who I miss AN OBSCENE AMOUNT (international life). 

Then on Wednesday I met up with Hannah who is still in Japan and after a quick tempura feast we headed up to Harajuku, we donned our cat ears and strolled into the Kawaii Monster Cafe! 

So I went with Jess Baz and Sameeha in January and it’s still so bizarre and has all the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu vibes! We had some delicious drinks and then pranced around taking selfies and loving life! It was super lol. We then strolled back to Shibuya and wandered slowly back home ready for the rest of the week. 
With Thursday came Japanese class with Cat and our lovely (very patient) teacher who decided to teach us EVERYTHING. We learnt verbs guys, I know SOME VERBS! Hurrah! γͺごや へ γ„γγΎγ—γŸ (lol that should say I went to Nagoya – haha fingers crossed) 

It was lolz and I feel like I am slowly improving (ish) and my notebook looks lovely (always a plus!) 

Friday then rolled round and after working, dancing around being silly and getting excited for the weekend 5pm arrived and we were out the door, ready for life! I hot footed it to the Shinkansen, picked up my deluxe bento (the bentos on the Shinkansen are THE BOMB) and settled in for the slow ride to Nagoya (I took the slow line loooool – still pretty fast) 

As I exited the ticket barrier Lizzychan was there waiting for me with a welcome sign (what a babe!). We headed on into the night and the first stop was Sakae. We saw the TV tower and the city lights and had a bit of a wander before heading back to Liz’s and getting ready for a Saturday jam packed with lolz. 

Saturday brought a delicious breakfast at local fave Komeda coffee, it was delightful! 

After brek we headed over to Inuyama in search of one of Japan’s oldest castles. We arrived and after a little wander around the town we stumbled upon a beautiful temple which was bright orange and had these beautiful intricate columns- I fell in love. 

After wandering around the temple we went in search of food and found a miso katsu restaurant. My friend the lovely Tori had told me earlier in the week that the misokatsu was the BEE’S KNEES and I had to try it so I excitedly tucked in and I wasn’t disappointed! The darker miso that is popular in Aichi is full of flavour and as a miso lover I was all over it! It was delightful! 

After delicious lunch Liz and I then headed up to the castle which was surrounded by Autumn colours. Autumn is huge in Japan and I’ve been waiting for the colours to arrive and Aichi’s maple trees didn’t disappoint. We went nuts and took all the photos and once again loved the Japanese passion for the seasons. They love it and I love it- flowers, blossoms and leaves forever. 

πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– taken by the lovely Lizzychan πŸ“·

After taking approx 1 million photos we headed inside the castle, up the incredibly steep stairs until we got to the top! We then marvelled at the view – it was beautiful! We then descended the stairs, wondering how those samurai did it in all that armour and headed out along the river for a stroll, a spot of γ“γ†γ‚ˆγ† (koyo -Japanese autumn leaf appreciation)and some lol attempts at the mannequin challenge (all about those internet trends…)


We then wandered towards this magical cafe (a Lizzychan favourite) 

This cafe was like a little tearoom and it was so quaint and it reminded me of home! The perfect place to rest after walking EVERYWHERE. It HEALED my life. 

After our repose and a a delightful cup of tea, we headed back to the station and slowly made our way back into Nagoya and went into Osu Kannon in search of shops, trends and dinner. We hit this fab shop ThankYouMart and I bought a delightful glasses case (lol) 

πŸ“·: Lizzychan – taken with the new fish eye 🐠🐠🐠

We then wandered around before having a cheeky kebab and heading into Sakae. We loved the lights and got gingerbread lattes! I AM SO EXCITED THEY ARE HERE. I am unashamedly in love with them (I googled when they were going to arrive in Japan) and I’ve already had two. Christmas in a cup = bliss (yes I know it’s FAR too early to think about Christmas BUT I LOVE IT) 

After GBLs we headed back to Liz’s, armed with conbini snacks and watched Kpop and Ariana videos πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Then today we slowly made our way to Hilton (the cafe not the hotel haha) for a traditional Japanese breakfast (with a DELIGHTFUL miso soup). 

After breakfast we made our way to Nagoya Castle. As we came out of the station we marvelled at the falling leaves EVERYWHERE 

πŸ“·: selfie queen Lizzychan
Jumping for joy β˜ΊοΈπŸ“·:Lizzychan

We then headed to the castle (which is huge!) and gazed lovingly at it nestled in yellows, oranges and reds. It was lovely.

πŸ“·: Lizzychan

After marvelling at the Autumn colours I went inside the castle which is weird (it’s all new like a museum, with lifts and high ceilings) and went to the top to see a lovely view of Nagoya. I then wound my way down, picked up Liz and we headed to our last stop Tsurumai Park. 

We grabbed some food and collapsed on a bench (so much fun this weekend but we were exhausted!!) after lunch and life chats we strolled around and did some more mannequin challenges (ridiculous) 


We then headed to the station and I bid Liz farewell at Nagoya station, picked up a bento and hopped on the Shinkansen.

And I’m now back at home in Yutenji ready(ish) for work tomorrow! I’ve had such a lovely week and can’t wait till the next one! This weekend with Lizzy was so fab – I love life guys πŸ’– 

Hope you are all loving life and see you all next week πŸ˜‰

Hannah’s here πŸ’–

Konichiwa bloggers and welcome back to hazvanmazinjapaz – after frolicking in cosmos fields last week with my gurl Jess Whits this week has seen pocky day, the arrival of Hannah Morley πŸ’– and much tourism and frivolity. So here we go!
Last week was pretty chill and Japanese was super lol on Thursday , Cat and I made our teacher teach us the word for bum (LOL – so mature) and brought all the lolz. I also had this cinnamon tear and share bun and it was literally food from the GODS 😍. The best thing to happen possibly EVER. 

Friday then rolled round and so did the weekend. It was also POCKY DAY. The 11th of November in Japan is Pocky Day and everyone eats these delightful chocolate sticks. We were so on board. 

And then as the clock struck 5 I was out of the door with BLACKPINK blasting in my headphones strutting to the station. I’m OBSESSED with this Kpop girl band – they are EVERYTHING. 

(These are my two FAVE songs Boombayah- Blackpink 

Playing With Fire – Blackpink )

So I headed up to Shibuya where I met the delightful Hannah Morley – former housemate and member of the Hessle clan! Was so cool to catch up – we went to a cheeky 280 bar and loved life as Hannah took in all the sights and sounds of Japaz, then after a short stroll we headed back ready for tourist lolz on Saturday! 
Saturday brought Shibuya, Harajuku and the Meiji Shrine *classic* still love the Meiji shrine and I hadn’t hit the tourist spots in a while. ALSO FLOWER UPDATE the chrysanthemums were out. So in season. I loved them all (thanks Hannah for your patience while I waxed lyrical about this seasons latest flowers.)

Post flowers we then headed towards Shinjuku for lunch – we had a cheeky miso ramen πŸ’–

And then post ramen headed to Shinjuku Gyoen where we caught the first glimpses of Autumn 

The weather was glorious and we were loving sun kissed autumnal life. 

We then took a break (I did glamorous things like washing) and got ready to head out for sushi. We went to my FAVE sushi place that Esther took me to last semester – the fish is so good and it’s super cool. Sushi is life. 

After eating all the fish we headed on down to Shimokitazawa for trends and arcade machines and purikura photo booth lolz- we went mad 

After arcade life and strolling round Village Vanguard , we headed on down to Mother, this TRENDY bar recommended by Zoe Delolz Smith (thanks babes πŸ’–) It was so fab and uber trendy, I LOVED it and we only left to get our last train in order to be alive for more tourism on Sunday. 

The sun continued to shine on Sunday. After raiding Loft for stationery we caught the train up to Asakusa for old Tokyo times and shameless selfies 

We headed over to Senso-ji along with the rest of the world and soaked up the atmosphere. 

Soon it was time for lunch and we sat outside in this little izakaya. It was super cute and although we ordered some questionable oden the atmosphere and other food was delightful. 

After lunch we headed to Akihabara, which was ok (not my fave place) but the streets were blocked off to traffic which was kind of cool…

After manga shopping and avoiding maid cafΓ©s we headed back to Shibuya where we met the lovely Tommy P fresh from his Hong Kong adventures and had a wander around the shops (and tried on all the kenzo… 

We then went for a delicious French pastry (delightful) before a quick visit to the arcade. Before long we realised we were tired and all trundled back home and got an early night (I collapsed in a heap)

Then today has been lovely! I was given a hilarious present by Laura Padders and Chris – this speedo clad muscle man who hangs on your finger 

I have no words. 

Other than this hilarity the day has been pretty normal and chilled and like a grandpa I’m heading for an earlyish night! 

Howev I’m looking forward to week ahead! Next week expect more updates from HarryHannah madness, my trip to Nagoya to see Lizzychan (so excited! πŸ’–) and as always loads more and more lolz ✨✨✨

floral sisters who love to love life

Heeeeeey bloggers welcome back to hazvanmazinjapaz! Last week I had a mega chilled week and a fun filled, sun kissed weekend full of frolicking in flower fields, marvelling at hilarious izakaya waiters and becoming more and more obsessed by kpop by the second. 
This week’s classes went off without a hitch and soon I was speeding towards the weekend, loving my life πŸ’–
 On Thursday David and I had a cheeky coffee and a catch up after work and it was great to catch up on life with my former neighbour – what a babe. 

I then went home and took selfies (can’t stop won’t stop)πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Friday then arrived and after classes I headed up to Shibuya with Christian. After a cheeky stroll I found what I had set out for, a gloriously trendy doughnut cafe that I found on Instagram (lol). I bid farewell to Christian and dug in to my raspberry and pistachio DELIGHT and posh latte πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

 I then strolled around the shops and headed back and treated myself to my FAVE shrimp broth ramen with the most delicious gyoza I have tasted THUS FAR. They MELTED in my mouth. Absolutely delightful. I ate all the food. Can’t stop shan’t stop. 

After eating everything I woke up on Saturday and after sorting out some life admin, I headed over to Shinjuku to meet Helen Greaves who was back in Tokes after going EVERYWHERE in Japan! We headed to the metropolitan government building to marvel at the view, it was gorgeous. 

After looking down at Tokyo in awe of its brilliance we descended and wandered over to Shin Okubo, Korea Town. 

We hit the kpop cd shops and I was LIVING. Over the summer Jess Barrett, LOVE OF MY LIFE inducted me into the ways of kpop and I love it. ALL THE MERCH was available and the the videos of the bands were playing. You could even buy mini cardboard cut-outs of band members, cushions with the faces on and socks with them on. It was like the Spice Girls all over again. I NEED to go to Korea.

Helen and I then found lunch and revelled in the delights of our bibimbap and all the kimchi πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

We then strolled back to Shinjuku and bid each other farewell after much joy! (Come back soon H Greaves πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–) 

I then headed home for a cheeky rest before heading out to see Marcus and Mae for izakaya lolz. We went to one of Marcus’ faves and we were instantly greeted by seven BOOMING voices welcoming us in. We then ordered some beautiful food and drinks after being given the cover charge entrance plate of raw horse meat – which was surprisingly delicious. The food in general was incred. I was loving life.

Then the lights were then turned off and the waiters performed an organised dance routine for someone’s birthday. It was hilarious. 

A waiter then over the room said the words “nice smile” – I fell in love.

All in all a HILARIOUS evening- thanks to Marcus – trend King and man in the know πŸ˜‰

After dinner Mae and I grabbed a chuhai and wandered the streets of Shibuya and Harajuku before turning in and resting up, ready for Sunday.

On Sunday I headed over to Shinjuku to meet the delightful and lovely Jess Whitfield for a day of lolz! We headed to Tachikawa in search of Autumn leaves and cosmos fields. 

After picking up some provisions of tempura, Horn chocolate and Melty Kiss chocs (classy gals ✌🏼️) we headed to the park and had a delightful picnic 

My girrrrl πŸ’–

After lunch and a wander around a cute little food festival with some flamenco dancing babes we headed towards the entrance of the park and we headed for the leaves! It was such a beautiful day and we were LIVING. 

We had a cheeky coffee and had all the lolz while basking in the sunshine overlooking the tree lined lake. It was bliss. 

We then wandered some more and found a cheeky little cat 🐱 I was in love 

We headed over a little river and saw a girl carrying a bunch of picked cosmos. It suddenly dawned on us that the flowers were near and we RAN (actually ran)to the field FULL OF EXCITEMENT. 

And you were allowed to go and PICK THEM FOR FREE. It was the end of the season so everyone was just frolicking in the flowers, picking bouquets and loving their lives! We were in love with life. Honestly haven’t had so much fun since the hydrangeas 😍



We then recreated snapchat and loved our basic lives. Flower crown fantasy.

πŸ“·: Jess *selfie queen* Whitfield
πŸ“·: Jess Whits πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

It was bliss. Sitting in the sunshine surrounded by flowers eating chocolate and being called kawaii by the whole world. 

Then as the sun set and we finished sorting our bouquets we start to head back and got papped by a fantastic group of ladies. Lolz were had. 

I never wanted it to end. 

We strolled back to Tachikawa and grabbed a coffee and got warm (as soon as the sun went down it was CHILLY) we reflected on life and joy. We just laughed so much. Jess is one of the funniest and silliest people I know. I am BLESSED to have her in my life. Floral sisters who love to love life.

After coffee we headed back to Tokes and bid each other farewell(after a cheeky visit to H&M and trying on a wonderful and ridiculously expensive Kenzo coat) 

I then grabbed some sushi and got an early night. 

And today has been chilled and fab and sauntered back from work and had some chocolate and just chilled. I’m now looking forward to the week ahead with more lolz and the arrival of Hannah Morley on the horizon. Just so ready for life. 

“If you can’t live your best life in Japan, where can you live it?” Zoe Delolz Smith 2016 – so much truth

HEY THERE BLOGGERS! Happy Halloween and welcome to this week’s round up of life! 

Last week was all the lolz from Japanese to loving the new Lady Gaga album to wine fuelled purikura to slaying the game in a wig and bunny ears. Life has been lol. 

So to pick up from where we left off …work was great (invigilating exams 😎) and we welcomed the four day week and that three day weekend with open arms. I have also downloaded Lady Gaga’s new album Joanne and it’s on REPEAT. I AM LIVING SO MUCH. That and Shoutout to My Ex are giving me so much life right now.

When you finish your exam and have nothing to do so you draw your teacher

Japanese was super lol this week and I learnt that I’m とても クラエジー でもとてもかわいい (very crazy but very cute (^.^) Hahahaha can’t stop won’t stop. We also read a takeaway pizza menu (LIFE SKILLZ) I’m still rubbish but I still love it.

Then post Japanese came Friday and a glorious day off! It started with a lie in, a relaxed morning with the housemates (SUCH BABES) and then wandering into Shibuya to pick up last minute Halloween supplies. Tokyo has got Halloween fever and I love it.

Halloween in Shibuya is THE CUTEST

After a cheeky curry lunch I met up with Tom and we went for rooftop yuzu tea, a drink and then a trip to Saizeriya! We lived. Ordered everything and loved our lives. We then did a cheeky purikura because life is for living. 

Dangerous women hit the photo booth

We then wandered home ready for the big event on Saturday! 

Saturday day I just chilled before heading off to Tom’s to prepare for the LOLZ armed with so much cheap makeup. The getting ready was hilarious, from covering Zoe in blood to getting TRANSFORMED into Harryana Grande for her Halloween debut hahahaha. Zoe’s make up skillz and expertise were ON POINT and aided me on my way to feeling like a GODDESS! Seriously without her no eyeliner or eyelashes would have occurred – also shoutout to Jeaney for lending me her foundation. LADIES I love you πŸ’– Fake eyelashes, lipstick and long hair made me feel like a KWEEN. 

πŸ“·:Tommy P (not just serving looks in front of the camera but being a skilled life documenter too)

We then after a few drinks hit the town! Scandalising train carriages until Shibuya and living our best lives. People did not know how to handle the lolz.

Just on the train living my best life πŸ“·: Tommy P

We then arrived in Shibuya, found Shazzachan and got MOBBED by people wanted to take photos of us. Ariana and a scantily clad Victoria secret model (oh hi there Tommy P!) attracted a lot of attention. 

πŸ“·: Tom
πŸ“·: Shazza*scaryface Mario* death drop off a dinosaur diva
Hanging with two sweet babes πŸ“·:Tommy P
With my sister from another mister πŸ“·: Tommy P

We wandered the streets, taking in the mayhem and marvelling at the lolz before heading for Nichome ready to party. 

Outside the Women Only carriage WERK πŸ“·:Tommy P
The SQUAD πŸ“·:Tom

Nichome was buzzing and we loved our lives 

BABES πŸ“·:Tom
Nicky G and Rosie I love you πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’œ

I danced all night and I LIVED MY BEST LIFE. I also got very cold (hahaha!) 

Sunday then arrived and I chilled all day – resting after the lolz of Saturday night. 

Today then was back to work and back to reality and I’m now ready for the week ahead. I had such a good time this weekend with my babes πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ yassssss 

Tune in next week peeps for more lolz (as always) 


Asakusa, Ueno and karaoke FUN TIMES.Β 

‘Ey Up bloggers! I’m back with more lolz from Japaz!
After beach bliss and the bright lights of Ginza last week it was back to reality and back to WORK. It’s been fab- I’m back in a tie – living my businessman life (😭) and dancing around the classroom loving life. WERK. Also eating LOVELY autumnal lunches on a tray πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

On Thursday I had Japanese and actually learnt quite a lot – ask me the time and I can (slowly) answer- SO BASIC but that’s the reality. Also there are so many numbers and counters in Japanese – the struggle is real – slowly getting there though (lol one year in) We all have to start somewhere…

Friday brought the end of the week and after some lolzzz classes I headed up to Shibuya to meet the lovely Helen Greaves who had just touched down from Brighton. We went out for kaiten sushi which I hadn’t done in ages! Marvelled at the iPads and formula one speed conveyor belts and ate all the raw fish. 🐟🐟🐠🐟

We then went for a wander and got an early night after a long week for me and a long week plus jet lag for Helen. We rested up ready for Tokyo tourism the next day.
Saturday brought the sunshine and after a few domestics were taken of (paying rent πŸ™ˆ) we headed to Naka Meguro for a cheeky coffee which although heteronormative was incredibly chic πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

After cool coffees we headed up to Ueno Park and after a spot of lunch – cheeky udon- we headed on into the park! It was a lovely and the world was out.

We saw this absolutely TERRIFYING man on stilts (video below) I was terrified. Halloween is truly on its way.



After wandering around a little market and marvelling at some bonsai we slowly made our way over to Asakusa for touristing and a taste of the past! We soaked up the atmosphere of Senso-ji and its surroundings at night and talked about life. We then wandered over to meet Zoe-chan and Shazza-chan who were showing Zoe’s friend Lauren around.

We then bowled over to a cheeky 280 bar and had all the fried chicken and some bevvies. After many lolz and living our best lives we headed over to karaoke and after some negotiation strutted in costumes in hand ready for Rihanna, Spice Girls and Taylor ✌🏼️
I hadn’t done karaoke for THE LONGEST TIME and I was loving it.
After belting out all the hits we made our way to the last train prettttty sharpish – it was such a fab night out though yassssss GALS.

Sunday haha was slow. I did laundry and experimented with my Ariana wig. I also went for a wander and bought a Halloween doughnut. Live it love it. So ready for the Halloween lolzzzz

I then met up with a Helen for a cheeky curry at a train themed restaurant where your curry arrives on a train. TOO MUCH. It was hilarious. Full of train geekery. Only in Japan.

Yesterday was then a return to teaching and after work I headed over to Shin Yokohama station to get my tickets to Nagoya to see Lizzychan! I’m so excited! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

I then headed home and collapsed. And today is the start of exams and I am spreading the Halloween joy! Hurrah!
Tune in next week for Halloween updates and lolz a plenty!
See you next week βš°πŸ’€πŸπŸ‚πŸŽƒπŸŒ°πŸ•ΈπŸŽŠ

spilling coffee and magical sunsets

Hi there bloggers and welcome back to hazvanmazinjapaz! Last week was super chilled and the weekend was gorgeous. Here what’s been happening. 
I’ve been teaching lessons on fashion which I have been LOVING and eating DELICIOUS ramen after work. I had this shrimp broth ramen on Wednesday night and it was honestly the best ramen I’ve ever had πŸ˜‹ DELICIOUS 

On Thursday I skived my Japanese lesson- I was feeling the effects of too much fun and not enough sleep and the change in temp meant that I felt a bit under the weather. So cups of tea and chillaxing was on the cards 😊
Friday night after a full day of lessons was also really chilled and I rested up ready for Saturday. 
The weekend arrived and so did the sun! I skipped out of my apartment and off to Shibuya to procure a wig (for my Ariana costume) and to post a few things. Post Shibs I headed off to a trendy cafΓ© recently visited by Mae Dunne. I was SEDUCED by her insta and that animal latte πŸ’– I therefore hot footed it over there. It was a super cool cafe which was half cafe half art gallery with a lovely man who worked there. As he passed me my coffee complete with SWAN I dropped it and it went EVERYWHERE – it was MORTIFIED. Beautifully designed insta friendly latte art all over the floor. SO EMBARRASSING. Howev he made me another one and it had a CAT ON IT. I LIVED. 

I then went upstairs to the main art gallery and met this super cool artist with horns on his hat. He was from Mongolia and MEGA TRENDY. I was in awe. 

This was on a maintenance sign in Shimokitazawa station πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

I then wandered slowly over to the station after some window shopping and met Tom on the train bound for Enoshima. 

We arrived and the sun was blazing. We met Nick and Rosie and headed over to the food stalls. We grabbed some food, found the shade and had a cheeky picnic.
We then strolled over to Enoshima island but saw that THE WHOLE WORLD WAS THERE and so wandered back, picked up some beers and snacks and headed over to the beach to find our spot for the fireworks 

Our short lived island outing was filmed πŸ‘‡πŸΌ


After finding the perfect spot we marvelled at the sunset which was simply GLORIOUS and sat down and took in the VIBES


Then the fireworks started and they were some of the best fireworks if ever seen. The setting was perfect and the atmosphere was magic. 


Sadly all wonderful things must come to an end (I could have sat there forever)  and we headed over to Nick’s friend’s house for a few drinks. They live in this BEAUTIFUL Japanese home with sliding doors, little bowls TOO DIE FOR (I’m bowl obsessed) and a table where you sit on the floor. It was AMAZING. Basically THE DREAM. 

Everyone was super lol and a great time was had by all! 

We then started to wander home and bid each other farewell at Yokohama station. Honestly Saturday was magic. 

Sunday was then VERY chilled. I bought a duvet (glamorous) and read my book. I found this beautiful little park near me and the weather was fantastic. Glorious 

And after a lovely night’s sleep it was back to work and life has been good! I went out for dinner last night with Janet who is on holiday over here at the moment staying at a VERY Lost In Translation hotel in Shimbashi (it was amazing) 

And today has been pretty chilled and just reading and relaxing – down time before yet more lolz on the horizon. 

Anyway that’s it from me – see you next post for more tomfoolery, japes and Japan appreciation. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

πŸ’•skirts, cat ears and unseasonal swimming all feature but GREAT FRIENDS are the stars of this postπŸ’•

Bloggers! Coming at ya with a life update! Last weekend was lush, friend filled and full of lolz. Here’s what’s been happening… 
So since the last post I’ve had a quiet week including some Starbucks Japanese studying and a frustrating Japanese writing lesson. I’ve also been making origami animals with Jean in the staff room and having lolz with the studes. 

Friday came along and I was ready for life and the weekend. Straight after work I headed to Shibuya with Tommy P (the complete BABE) for Halloween costume shopping and mental preparation. This year I’ve decided to be Ariana Grande (LOL) which meant stealthily trying on skirts πŸ™ˆ and browsing ALL THE WIGS and all the animal ears. 

After MUCH searching and some successful purchases we went for some Mexican food in Harajuku. I decided to wear my new cat ears (LOL) with my work clothes (LOL) because why not? Harajuku kawaii LIFE. 

After burritos and joy we wandered around the streets of Harajuku before I slowly made my way home ready to meet LIZZYCHAN early the next morning! 

That’s right my girl Lizzychan came up from Nagoya for the weekend and we had all the lolz. We started with cafe hopping and catching up ON LIFE and laughing SO MUCH. After having the cutest coffees we headed over to Shimokitazawa for soup curry πŸ’– and a wander around the streets (complete with selfie stick) living our best lives. 

We then parted ways to head home and prepare for David’s birthday. 

We met up again and headed towards the SWARM of people all having all the lolz. The whole world was out and it was FAB! David was surrounded by all of his fans – it was GREAT πŸ’–

Loads of work people, life people – it was fantastic! A fab celebration for the FAB Morrow san πŸ’–

After much merriment at Aiiro Cafe (I’m a regular now, like they know my drink order and repost my grams πŸ’…πŸΌ)  we headed over to Dragon Men (my fave place) for a cheeky dance on the podium and I was SURROUNDED BY BABES. Ariana was playing, everything was playing. I WAS LIVING and I was feeling BLESSED to have all these great people in my life around me. SO MUCH LOVE 

On Sunday Lizzy and I then met up and headed for Enoshima, place of dreams where we felt the sea breeze in our hair and happiness wash over us. 

πŸ“·: Lizzychan aka @sakurasmiles aka BABE

We had a cheeky burger and then a stroll up and down the beach. We decided YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE and so we got into our bathers and pranced into the sea which was filled with bemused wet suit clad surfers. We frolicked in the waves as we dodged all the surfers! We then got out and quickly got dressed and went to find a cheeky conbini coffee to warm up! 

We got a coffee and sat and watched the sunset missing our sunset watching Enoshima loving amigo Roop Doggy D πŸ’– 

After the magic of the Enoshima sunset and the lolz of life we headed back to Tokyo and for a cheeky Shinjuku dinner at Yayoiken my FAVE teishoku (tray meal) restaurant. They play jazz and it’s so PRECIOUS. Precious tray moments? 

After ginger pork of joy we headed home and parted ways. I had THE BEST time with of my absolute FAVE people IN LIFE. Lizzychan I love you. Can’t wait to go to Nagoya in November and have all the lolz all over again (watch out Aichi I’m coming for you!) 

After the weekend it was back to work 😭 . But on Monday we had after work Saizeriya lolz for David’s birthday (gotta stretch out those celebrations to the MAX)  – I got my DORIA of dreams. Today I had some lovely lessons and headed home to chill and do laundry (lol) 

And that’s it for this week gang but tune in next week for more lolz, Halloween outfit updates (gotta get that wig) and Japanese fun times.