I’m a Tokyo Girl, surrounded by babes, loving my life.

Welcome back to hazvanmazinjapaz – last week I returned to Tokyo and spent all week having lolz, continuing to impulse buy everything and see all my top babes. I’ve been loving life (as per). 

I kicked off Tuesday by heading over to Suganami-ku to pay my rent and go and see Tommy P. We went to Precious Coffee Moments (first time in AGES) and caught up on our lives and our travels. He also bought me back GIFTS from Korea. So many fab kpop related things! I DIED. I loved them all and I’ve decided I need to go to Korea URGENTLY.

Thanks Tommy P – full time babe πŸ’–

After lunch we went for a wander in the sunshine towards Koenji stopping at this gorgeous shrine which was looking delightful in the sunshine. The plum blossoms are starting to appear and the whole scene was just beautiful πŸ’–

We then headed to this cuuuute cafe in Koenji which had murals of cute animals on the walls and served mega cute lattes. 

It was adorbz and another precious coffee moment πŸ’– We then wandered back and I headed home to the housemates for cups of tea, chilling and MANY a lol ☺️
On Wednesday and Thursday I kept it pretty chill ☺️ lazing about, going for coffee and on Thursday eve I braved the SNOW and wind to get to Japanese. 
It was my last class before the break and it was lovely. We talked about my Japan travels and all the food and I had a lovely time ☺️
Friday then brought sunshine and a ray of sunshine – Helen Bateman (BABE)We had a cheeky lunch at trendy Propaganda before perusing the shops and ALMOST buying this jumper…

πŸ“·:Helen BABEman

I couldn’t justify buying it for 4000 yen but I LOVED IT. Helen then took me make-up shopping and I’ve started my journey – watch this space (return of Harryana Grande in the spring πŸ˜‚) 
We then met Daisy and went for a coffee then a drink and hid away from the snow 😭 we had loads of lolz though (obvs) and eventually wandered home where Ida, Sophie and I cracked open some umeshu and had a fab time. I love these girls – the new danish girls that I live with are complete BABES. 
Saturday I then rose early to meet the lovely Mae Dunne for some seaside lolz in Kamakura. We hopped on the Enoden to Hase to admire the big Buddha. I hadn’t been to Hase since I first arrived and the Buddha was sitting gloriously in the sunshine. After wandering around and seeing the inside of the Buddha we strolled down the road and walked past a shop selling cheap kimonos and yukatas. Naturally we bought some and headed straight to the beach for a photo shoot (because life is for living) 

After frolicking in the wind (it was freezing) we went for Pho at Song Be ✌🏼️

We then headed home and after a quick change I was off to Tommy P’s for drinks, snacks and lolz. Ruel and Tom made the most delicious quesadillas and spring rolls and I ate EVERYTHING. Tom, Ruel and I also introduced Zoe and Nick to some Kpop big hitters (BLACKPINK in your areaaaaaa) and loved our lives. Tom, Ruel and I then headed to Dragon and PARTY ONNN. There was podium dancing and life loving. Also Tom and Ruel are such BABES and We had all the lolz and all the life. I’m surrounded by babes and I love it.

I then scarpered for the last train and collapsed in a heap haha. 
Sunday was then a very lazy start but wandered into Shibuya to meet the Danes for shopping, lolz and purikura. We had all the lolz πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

 After saying goodbye to the Danes it was time to head over to Kichijoji to see Jess, Helen, Shannon, Will, Rhys and MARK WHITFIELD (Jess’ dad who is SO LOVELY)

We had delicious soup curry and MARVELLOUS time (as per) chatting and having lolz and making memz πŸ’•

We then went and had another drink before heading home. Love those babes so much – they bring SUCH JOY TO MY LIFE ☺️☺️☺️

Monday was quite quiet – I wandered around the hood- went for a walk down the Tama river and basked in the sunshine.

In the evening I went to the sento and chilled in the outdoor pool- feeling super zen ☺️

On Tuesday I decided to go plum blossom hunting in Shinjuku Gyoen and was not disappointed. My love of horticulture continues and I was snapping all the blossoms with my OAP Japanese pals and Korean tourist chums 

After a wander and a lot of picture taking, I wandered back towards Naka Meguro where I had exquisite meal at mine and Jess’ FAVE ramen shop – I had the spicy one with fried chicken in it- it was EVERYTHING. 

Mind-blowingly good. 

I had housemate lolz in the eve before heading out to meet up with Tommy P and Nicky-kun for a Chinese and draaanks. These boys =phenom. Gurus of life and lovers of lolz- we were all living our best lives and the Chinese woman gave us free chocolate because it was Valentine’s Day – we were #blessed.

We had drinks in Safari Safari – a hilarious bar with blaring Nicki Minaj and the friendliest bar staff EVER (when you go in they introduce themselves – cute) it was LOL and they took requests and so natch they played Ariana πŸ’…πŸΌ which I loved. 

I then sprinted home just catching my last train πŸ˜… – Tokyo struggles

Wednesday was pretty chill, started to pack and went for sushi.

And today I went for breakfast with queen of lolz Jess Whitterz. We laughed the whole time and it was great. 

I followed her all the way to work loooool we couldn’t stop the lolz. SO had a cheeky SAKURA LATTE in Skytree. Lolzzzzz it was so gross hahaha – tastes like soap BUT it got me so excited for cherry blossom season, spring and the fact that everything everywhere is pink πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

I then wandered home stopping off at Kiyosumi gardens (recommended by east Tokyo expert Ms Whitfield) it was so zen and peaceful and cute.

I then went for a cheeky wander through the hood before grabbing some food and heading back to pack and clean. 

And just had some beers with CΓ©dric and the girls and now off to bed. Off to England tomorrow and honestly I don’t want to leave Japan 😭😭😭. Excited to see everyone though and chill out with the fam, the pals and the cat πŸ’–

Blog will resume after my return – back in Japaz on the 28th March and I will be returning with Vic_kickzout aka MY MOTHER – watch out Japan double trouble is coming at the end of March 😝😝😝

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