LIVING and relishing everything the kitchen of Japan has to offer

Here we go part 2 of the great West Japan adventure πŸŽ‰ Sooo I touched down in Osaka and I was back in a big city with people everywhere and a busy bustling metro = FAB. 

I headed over to my hostel, Hostel 64 – recommended by the king of hip Marcus (thanks babes I loved it) and met the ever so trendy and lol Kiyo ☺️ who presented me with a map of all local trendy hangouts (I loved it ☺️) and took me to a trendy cafe.

So I was already loving Osaka πŸ˜‚ and soon I walked through trend central (Horie area) down Orange Street through Amerika Mura (teen trendz) and to the famous Doutonbouri where THE WORLD were living their lives including about 1000 Chinese and Korean tourists.

 I worked my way through the throng in search of some okonomiyaki. I headed down a backstreet and into a cute little restaurant where I had the best okonomiyaki OF MY LIFE. Not with noodles like Hiroshima style but with shrimp and just simple, light and delicious. It was DELIGHTFUL. 
Osaka is known as Japan’s kitchen and the place to go for food and it DELIVERED. Everything has been exquiz πŸ˜‹

Post okonoms I headed back to the hostel for a quick shower before heading up to Umeda in search of the Osaka gay scene. After navigating my way through the very confusing read light district I made it to FrenZ- FrenZy a little rainbow covered bar once frequented by Lady Gaga (her picture is up and everything – I loved it and felt starstruck)

I drank some lethally strong drinks and made friends with some Australians, Hong Kong nationals and some Osakans. We had so many lolz and were all about that Friday night life. We eventually made it over to Explosion and GOT DOWN until I ended up walking back to my hostel (I walked miles,  I crossed Osaka) 
The next day the full effects of my two day bender hit and I rolled out of bed at 11 to see the sun shining and sightseeing patiently waiting to be done, so I dragged myself to Osaka Castle which was standing majestically in the sunshine. 

After taking a lot of selfies (haha SHAMELESS) I entered the castle and saw you could try on samurai armour and I thought WHY NOT? Most people were in a group but I bounded up to the people with my smartphone in hand loving my solo traveller life and donned the samurai garb. It was totes worth it. 

I then strolled around the castle, went to the top to see the view and then sat down in the sunshine marvelling at life. 

Before long I was back on the move and headed down to the Tsutentaku tower and Shinsekai area which is an old neighbourhood and a little bit run down and edgy.

I strolled down the arcade and saw this little cafe called CafΓ© Banana. Intrigued, I wandered in and ordered a tea and the owner started talking to me in Japanese. I had a full conversation (slightly stilted) with her, another customer and the chef in the back and we were all LOLLING about life and being hysterical and then just before I paid she said “let’s take a memory photo” so random and so lol- I loved it. Osakans are hilarious and love to make friends, I love it. 

After having lolz I wandered around taking in the sights before heading back to the hostel to crash out via Amerika Mura- teen trend central.

Amerika Mura πŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘‡πŸΌ

After a rest I chatted to Kiyo (the babe ✨ )at the front desk about trends and life before heading out for dinner which ended up being a DELICIOUS curry – probs the best Japanese curry I’ve ever had – it was a delight (Osaka is where the food is at πŸ™ŒπŸΌ) 

I then headed back to the hostel and collapsed in my bed and fell asleep straight away. 

The  next day I headed out early to Kobe the nearby city famous for its harbour and its beef. Despite the rain I was ready for all the culture and to discover another new place. 

It surpassed all expectations. It was so so cute and precious. 

I first headed up the hill to Kitano the old foreign area where you can find a Jainist temple, a mosque, a church and a whole ton of western and American looking houses. Also the the most surreal Starbucks in Japan. 

There’s also a cute little temple dedicated to academic success which overlooks the city ☺️

After climbing the temple stairs I wandered down the hill and into Kobe passing so many cute little houses and streets and wound my way to the COOL Motomachi area which is full of cute cafes, shops and shopping arcades.

It’s also next to Kobe China Town which was full of people eating street food and even on a rainy Sunday was alive with people having a good time! I had some dumplings and some takeaway Chinese beef ramen which was delicious even if I had to eat it while standing with one hand – A CHALLENGE. 

After one handed ramen with limited spillages πŸ’…πŸΌ I headed to the port of Kobe to see the sea! A lot of port area was under construction but I still marvelled at the modern architecture and the kobe port tower 😊

I then headed back into town and saw this cute sign for a coffee shop on the side of the street and BEELINED FOR IT. 

It was as cute as I thought it would be ☺️ I loved my life. Precious Kobe moments πŸ’•

After coffee I headed slowly back towards the station and back to Osaka for my last night of my travels. I had lolz with Kiyo who introduced me to Naomi Watanabe – ICON.

 We talked Jpop and life πŸŽ‰ I then went out for dinner in Namba. I went to a cute little bar for okonomiyaki and a beer. 

The man sitting next to me made me some origami and I died – making friends with everyone always 

After origami and befriending the world I went shopping and bought THIS tote bag – I’m obsessed 

After purchasing the bag of dreams I went back to my hostel went to bed and spent my last day wandering round Osaka before heading back to Tokes.

I then arrived back home to be greeted by my adorbz housemates Miles,I love you also CΓ©dric – hilarious babe and the new Danish girls are a RIOT βœŒπŸΌοΈβœŒπŸΌοΈπŸŽ‰

So so nice to be back in Tokyo- I missed it! I LOVED my travels and seeing two completely different parts of Japan but so happy to be back in Tokes. And I’ve got another week and a half before heading back to England for 6 weeks. Looking forward to chilling and anticipating the start of spring! 

So I’ll be back next week bloggers for Tokyo tales – hope you are all loving life πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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