In love with Hirosh

Heyyyyy ladies! Welcome to a Hiroshima special edish of hazvanmazinjapaz  – I’ve been LIVING and loving all the random lolz travelling round Japan on your ones brings. I have been HIKING (gurl whut?) making friends with some hilarious and great peeps and making memz 

So Wednesday was my first full day out west and I started by hopping on the train to Miyajima! An island famed for it’s beauty, shrines, friendly deer and THAT tori gate β›©πŸ˜

I got off the train, found some delicious breakfast in a CUTE little bakery owned by an old lady (πŸ’–) I then boarded the ferry and was off to the island! It’s a beautiful island (very Lost) and it was looking spectacular in the mist.
I disembarked and headed straight for the tori.

 It is stunning and it acts as the gateway to Itsukima Shrine. This grand shrine proudly stands as an entrance to the island. I took a thousand and one photos (including many ‘lol’ now deleted selfies) 

I then headed up the hill to the Daisho-in shrine which was beautiful and then on a whim decided to tentatively hike the mountain. Before I could turn round and sack it off I was befriended by the friendliest Aussie bloke called Brett (he was perspiring and introduced himself as Sweaty Bretty I INSTANTLY LOVED HIM – Brett you’re a babe πŸ’–) both being reluctant hikers we egged each other on and eventually after many twists and turns (I was defs wearing the wrong footwear) we made it to the top. On the way we discussed EVERYTHING and I feel like I was taught so much about life πŸ˜‚ – Uncle Brett – full of wisdom (and loads of lolz) his big booming Aussie bloke voice echoed around the mountain often followed by my cackle. It was lolz. 

After making it up we had planned to get the rope way down, BUT IT WAS CLOSED πŸ™ˆ so we descended, babbling away and being lol. We then had a rice burger (looool) took pics and had a blast. 

I then made my way to Hirosh and went shopping 😍 I bought some cute pink socks and a cap that says fab on it (obsessed) – pre shopping I also went for Hiroshima style okonomiyaki – which is with noodles and it is divine. Basically an intricate savoury pancake with noodles in it. It was phenom (and mesmerising to watch the lovely little old man make it for me) 

After beautiful food and purchases I headed back to my hostel and collapsed in a heap. 
On Thursday I headed over to the peace memorial park and museum to learn a bit more about the atomic bomb dropped in 1945. 

72 years ago the US dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the only building left from before the bomb in Hiroshima is the A Dome which is preserved as a reminder of the destruction caused by nuclear weapons. The museum was fascinating and incredibly sad (definitely cried in front of strangers). It shares stories of the people, particularly the children who were affected by the blast and its aftermath. 

The museum also tells the story of a little girl Sadako Sasaki who got leukaemia as a result of the radiation. In Japan some say if you make 1000 paper cranes your wish will come true. She started to make the cranes in the hope of getting better but sadly died at the age of 12. Her classmates at school petitioned for there to be a monument built for the child victims of the bomb. The children’s monument sits in the peace memorial park and for me it was the strongest image of hope for peace for the future. Before I went, I didn’t know anything really about the bomb and I am so glad I went. It was powerful, informative and full of hope. 
After I finished in the peace memorial park I headed back into the shopping street and bumped into Derek! We had arranged to meet later that night but by chance bumped into each other and so we went for a cheeky coffee and a chin wag. 
After saying goodbye to Dezza I headed out to Mitaki temple – another fab recommendation from Rika-chan 😊after walking uphill A LOT I found the longest temple ever nestled in the hills. It was so quiet and peaceful and it was only really me and 3 other people there. Very zen. 

I climbed to the top and the mountain kept going and so I did too until I thought I was lost and I could feel my agoraphobia kick in. I headed straight back the way I came and had a delightful cup of a coffee and piece of mystery mochi at a cute little cafe ran by an old Japanese lady near the entrance to the temple. It was adorbz. 

I then made my descent to the train station and got to my hostel and crashed out, mentally preparing myself for a night out with Derek and the girls. 
We met at a sake bar in town and I met Risa and Sachiko for the first time. They are both crazy and wonderful. We had a lot of sake and beer and some mysterious food (lol) the dessert was INCREDIBLE a mochi with a strawberry inside – I DIED. 

We then obviously headed to the next bar where we made friends with a random and laughed A LOT. We then made our way to two more bars before I finally collapsed on my hostel bed not ready for my 6 hour bus ride to Osaka the next day πŸ™ˆ
I had such a good time- Risa and Sachiko were babes and I love Dezza so much – so many lolz had by all. 
So the next day I had to face reality and climb aboard the bus, eat a ton of snacks and watch the mountains and rivers go by. It was beautiful weather and quite a nice way to spend 6 hours (lol). I eventually arrived in Umeda at 3 and started my Osaka adventure which is coming in part 2 and it involves a big night out, trying on Samurai armour, making friends with the whole of Osaka, eating DELICIOUS food and discovering precious cutesy Kobe πŸ’•

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