catch me having lolz howboudah? 

Hey there bloggers welcome back to hazvanmazinjapaz – I’m lying on my hostel bunk bed in Hiroshima loving life – I am loving it here…
BUT FIRST let me get you up to speed with what’s been going on since my last post. I’ve gone out A LOT. I’ve been living life to the full as per and hanging out with some full time babes.
On Wednesday night I felt the chill so I hit that sento again and loved my life . It’s so zen and warming and relaxing. I love public bathing 💖

On Thursday I hung out with Mae strolling around Harajukes and having kebabs outside in the sunshine listening to Pitbull (it was so fab) I then headed down to my Japanese class with Cat and Tanaka-sensei and it was so lovely. We talked about the joys of 100 yen shops and had a mini origami lesson and I made a crane!(with a LOT of help!) it was Cat’s last lesson as well 😭 sad times but happy times…LIFE

I then came home to partaaaay lolz. It was Onno’s last week and the whole house has been feeling the party vibe. So I had lolz with Onno, Rika-chan, Franz and Cédric (BAAAAABES) and after a cheeky umeshu nightcap retreated to my slumber. 

Friday then arrived and I had the morning off (I lazed about and did nothing) before heading into work for my last afternoon of admin and end of term stuff. 6pm soon arrived though and David and I were on the first train to Shinjuku, ready for life. 

After a spot of dinner we headed on down to Aiiro for drinks and lolz. We met up with Tom and Bruce and celebrated the end of term and the start of life (haha) also hung out with Chase and Akio (babes💕) before wandering around a bit, meeting Ruel and then hitting the dancefloor in Dragon. Lolz were had, we danced and loved life and ended up crashing at Tom’s with a doria from 7/11 sitting in the kotatsu. Living 🙌🏼

📷: David 💖
Loving with life 📷: Tommy P
The next morning Tom, Ruel and I found food. I had a DELISH pizza and drink bar where I drank all the coffee/soft drinks. After saying goodbye to the boys (love them SO MUCH) I headed home for a chill before going out to meet Jess (babe of life) for drinks and dinner. After a quick coffee, we met up with Helen and headed to a cool little bar called Enjoy!House which played techno and had stickers and rainbow lights, barbie dolls and knick knacks everywhere- it was COOL. 

We were then joined by Rhys and Sam (💕☺️) and we headed to a cute izakaya in Daikanayama where we had loads of lolz, ate some delish food and loved life. 

I then woke up on Sunday ready for life and headed over to Jess’ new hood Kichijoji (place of dreams). We had a mega trendy coffee followed by photo shoot (haha NATCH) and then wandered around Kich and Inokashira Park marvelling at the surroundings and discussing our deep love for Japan. 

We then hopped on the Inokashira line to Shimokitazawa for the most delicious ramen IN LIFE 😍 at Oreryushio. Just phenom. They also play the Beatles 😍 and we had some cheesy gyoza as well which were delightful 😍

Honestly the best meal I have had in WEEKS (I’ve been spoilt though I mean Australia was a holiday of simply delightful food) 

After ramen and so much joy we strolled around shimo loving life being genki and trying on hilarious hats. 

We are ridiculous and I love it. 

We then parted ways and I went back home ready for Onno’s leaving drinks. We had some umeshu togeths at the house with Onno, Franz and the lovely Rika-chan before heading off to Naka Meguro for drinks, food and delights. 

We met up with Cédric and a few of Onno’s mates who were super jokes and mega international (I loved it) I had lolz with Rika and her FAB friend Miki and soon it was time for karaoke. We were joined by Miles (the full time babe) and we all unleashed our inner diva 💕💕💕

We then sang some bangers : Ariana, Britney but also  Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Perfume and some LOL anime songs (I loved it) it was super Japanese and super lol. 

We then reluctantly started to head home having all the lolz, being hooligans and loving life. Cashusoutsidehowboudah?! 

And then yesterday I had a coffee with Mae and then went to pick up a parcel from babe of all babes Jess Barrett who sent me GRENADINE from Paris 💖💖💖💖 what a babe (also some penguin chocolates – I was TOUCHED) 

After pure joy I went to have even more joy with the delightful right hand man/ life guru Tommy P. We grabbed a coffee, strolled around Yoyogi Park and then had a cheeky Starbucks on the roof terrace of the Tokyu Plaza building in Harajukes. 

We then headed over to meet Zozo Delolz Smith for chicken, beers and lolz and had a whale of a time – what a complete babe. 

Babes loving life 📷:Tommy P

And today I woke up, headed to Haneda airport and I got on a jet plane to Hiroshima. I had a window seat and I within the first 15 minutes I saw the magnificent Mount Fuji 

It was breathtaking. I was in awe. I LOVE MOUNT FUJI. 

I then landed and caught a bus to Hirosh which is so calm and serene and covered with little rivers and zen cyclists. 


I strolled around the park outside Hiroshima castle and then had a fancy coffee in the town centre (which is pretty swish and so many shops) 

I then on Rika-chan’s recommendation went for Hiroshima tsukemen which was super spicy but super oishii 💖💖💖

And now I’m just maxing relaxxing and getting excited for more lolz to come.

Get ready for Hiroshima, Miyajima and Osaka lolz coming to you VERY soon 😍 xxxxx 

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