bear bars, cat temples and totoro treats 

Hiiiiiieeeeeee guys welcome back to hazvanmazinjapaz – the sun has been shining over here but the longjohns are on. I’ve been hitting the sento, eating all the ramen and getting down to all my FAVE jams in Nichome. Here’s a run down of LIFE 
Japanese class continues to be a joy – I can now talk about the temperature (lol) ask how much a train ticket is (with an actual sentence not just random words) and talk about holidaysssss (which are so soon! はるやすみ (spring vacay) come at me 🎉 I’m off the Hiroshima and Osaka next week and I’m EXCITED. So ready to explore the west of Japan 👌🏼👌🏼

Last week’s lessons were cute. It’s been the last lessons for loads of my classes and saying goodbye to some of them was TOTES EMOSH. 30 peeps per class from April ’16 to now is a long time and a lot of people. So many goodbyes. 

So last Friday the end of the working week soon rolled round and I headed straight for the sento to get warm and get zen. After a cheeky bathe I grabbed some dinner and headed home to get changed and readaaaay to meet Tommy P and Michael for drinks and lolz. 
Destination : Nichome (OBVS) we met at Alama’s and caught up on life before heading to this new bear bar called Eagles which was great and had this rather racy picture on the wall 👇🏼

Eagles – my new fave 📷: Tommy P

I LOVED IT. The barman also gave us free shots and soon we were ready to GET LOW in Dragon to all the hits. We danced forever, it was so fab. I loved my life so much. We finally got a taxi back to Tom’s and crashed out. 
On Saturday I woke up at quarter to one and realised that I still had to traverse Tokyo to get home (lol excellent). The day was therefore slow as the free tequila caught up with me. I mostly napped. 
However Sunday I woke up refreshed and ready for action. I headed over to Gotokuji a temple in Setagaya which has a whole section dedicated to the maneki neko. These are the beckoning cats which are supposed to bring wealth and prosperity. 

It was a lovely temples and SO MANY BECKONING CATS. I loved it. The weather was also beautiful and I had a “I never want to leave Japan” moment. 
After cats, temples and sunshine I headed over to Tolo Bakery (which I stalked on Helen’s insta – thanks baaaabes) and met up with the lovely Mae Dunne for lunch and TOTORO CREAM PUFFS. I can’t stop. I just love cute food (so much so that I hunt it down and revel in its wonder). 
When the totoros arrived I lost the plot and the people on the neighbouring table were LOLLING. We made friends, natch. 

After all the eating (it was all delicious) we headed over to Shimokitazawa to potter around the shops before heading home to chill. 
Monday was then my last class and I got given chocolate, snacks, handshakes and excitable selfies. Studes = babes 
Then yesterday we had an admin day at work. It was also my last time eating at Junko’s cafe 😭 she’s shutting shop and I’m devastated. Where am I going to get my vegetable filled lunches now 😭😭😭 the food was as always delicious and I’m really going to miss her! 

On Tuesday it was then announced that we had the following day off and so today has been a journey of discovery. I headed over to the new Hokusai museum in Sumida. Hokusai is the bloke who makes  all the wood block prints of Mount Fuji. He’s a bit of a big deal. The museum was sadly pretty small but the works were beautiful and I’ve always liked a cheeky woodblock print (loool). He even did a view of Mount Fuji from the Tama river which is a view I can see from the train every day on the way to work 😍😍😍. Hokusai and I have SHARED A MOMENT and I love it (I even bought the overpriced postcard #memz)

View from the Tama River

I then strolled around Sumida, BASKING in sunshine loving my east Tokyo life.

 I  headed over the river and found a cute little canal. Adorbz. I need to have more east Tokyo lolz I have decided. I grabbed some lunch in a rather gruff cafe. Katsudon with curry and egg – it was delish and I felt like a proper Japanese GEEZER. 

After embracing my masculinity (haha by eating curry with the ladz) I headed down to Hiroo for a coffee and a stroll around the gardens there. It was beautiful and super chill 😍

After strolling I headed home and collapsed in a heap – where I am now (lol) 

So all is good in this hood and be sure to look out for more cute food, cute snaps and cute life 😎 hope you are all living your best life baaaaaabes 💖💖💖💖

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