5 things I’m obsessed with already in 2017

HIIIIIIIII FRIENDS welcome back to hazvanmazinjapaz your source of everything lolz, japaz, and pictures of cute things with a Mayfair filter…

This week I’m going to tell you about things I have been LOVING since the start of the new year – let’s get into it 

1. Sentos – the Japanese public bath is my way of dealing with the winter and I LOVE IT. Since being back, I’ve been twice and it let’s me feel super zen. Lying naked in an outdoor 40 degree bath while it’s like 4 degrees outside as you hear the gentle hum of the nearby train line is my FAVE thing. So relaxing, so liberating and so great. Everyone should get into public bathing – it’s my new favourite lifestyle choice. 

This is the pic of the ramen I had post nude bathe 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

2. My continuing obsession with all cute things. On Saturday I met up with the lovely Mae Dunne and had a latte with a crane on it, had a pizza interlude followed by a blossoming marshmallow hot chocolate. I can’t stop. Since returning from Australia I have been BASKING IN THE CUTENESS. I love it and I can’t get enough. So many cute people, places and things.

3. My Japanese teacher. I offish LOVE HER. Cat and I had such a lovely class last week! She made us origami New Years gifts and I died. She is such a babe. 

4 My housemates. I mean what complete babes. The house is GREAT and we have been having all the lolz, ridiculous conversations, jokes and japes. What ladz, what lolz what BABES 

Onno loving life

5. People in life. Hot chocolates with Helen, lolz with the Shane Squad, going for coffee and then accidentally dancing on podiums to 24k Magic with Tommy P, going for beers in an adorbz local izakaya with Onno, exploring some lol parts of Shinjuku with Jess and Helen and going on a cute food marathon with the lovely Mae Dunne. I am surrounded by beautiful people and I love them all. 
I am also reading books and trying to stick to my resolutions (looool let’s see how it goes…)  and of course drinking loads of coffee and reading books – NATCH 

I’ll be back next week with more Japanese fun times and tales of life and lolz 

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