A beautiful wedding and a slice of sunshine

G’day GUYS! Since the last post I’ve eaten EVERYTHING, danced with my whole family to assorted BANGERS, had all the lolz with all the cousins, watched Kizza van Rizzle tie the knot and welcomed in the new year covered in glow stick accessories dancing with under 10’s πŸŽ‰
So I touched down in Adelaide last Tuesday and it’s been non-stop ever since. After some DELICIOUS pizzas with Abbey and Aunty Pauline, we woke up on Wednesday ready for Christmas lolz at Pauline’s house. We drove up to her house in Birdwood which is up in the Adelaide Hills and the sun was shining! 

We arrived at Polly’s beautiful house, grabbed a beer and admired the garden BLOOMING with gorgeous flowers. Australia is a FLORAL DELIGHT- I’ve been loving every minute. 

We then hung out with the Renners and had a gorgeous lunch. Salads galore and fresh shrimp – I was loving life. We also got to hang out with my darling cousin – Abbey van Manen what a babe πŸ’–and after so much food and dessert and a present hunt (lol) we headed back home to get ready for the wedding the next day.

Thursday 29th December arrived and a beautiful sun was shining over South Australia. We headed to Glenelg for a cheeky swim in the sunshine before the first of many EXQUISITE Australian breakfasts. They are phenom.

We then walked along the beach, basking in the sunshine and feeling lucky to be alive. I love the summer (especially a summer in winter!) 

After a rest and glamming up we drove to Howard’s Vineyard in the Adelaide Hills for Kiri and Stu’s wedding. 

The ceremony was outside and it was so lovely. All the families and friends were there uniting in JOY for Kiri and Stu! After the vows, so many photos and delicious food we headed inside to watch the first dance which was beautiful 😊
The music then fired up Abbey and I were on the dance floor. The music was FAB! We were joined by Mum, Dad and Gus and we GOT DOWN. The Brits burnt up the dance floor. I mean when they play Michael Jackson and WHITNEY you have to GET DOWN. We danced for so long and there was definitely a moment where it was just my mum, dad, brother and I slaying the dance floor and loving our lives. It was magical – love my family- disco diva VMs. 
We then took a breather and listened to the speeches and the cake cutting (the cake was CHEESE not a cake looooolll) and before we knew it the dancing was BACK ON. Highlights of the night included Kiri and Scott’s 90 year old grandma dancing to Fatman Scoop and Abbey, Gus, Mum and I tearing up the dance floor to Turn Down For What and Get Low. It was mad. 
Kiri looked so beautiful and so happy and every time I saw her I smiled from ear to ear. Stu also looked overjoyed at life and incredibly dapper 😊 EVERYONE WAS SO HAPPY AND OVERJOYED BY LIFE. 

It was wonderful.

The next day we were still on a high from the marvellous time we’d had! Mum, Dad and I headed into town to Central Market (which is really like Leeds City Market πŸ’…πŸΌI loved it) and we grabbed a coffee before picking up some pies for lunch (Australian dream). We then headed to Sue and Mick’s later that day for the post wedding barbecue! Saw the lovely bride and groom still beaming ☺️ and everyone was feeling the love πŸ’– hung out a bit with Scottie – brother of the bride and FULL TIME BABE. And ate (lol always)
After all wedding lolz we met up with Pauline and Abbey the next day for a delish breakfast. We then said goodbye 😒 which is always really sad – international family probz…and we headed straight down to Goolwa to hang with Uncle John. 

After a brief stop at Boomer Beach for a cheeky walk in the WIND (it was cold – I was outraged haha) we had a doughnut and a coffee (I have had SO MANY BEAUTIFUL DOUGHNUTS) and then headed to John and Pam’s for a barbecue and catch up. 

It was lovely. We chatted to the peeps and met two of Pam’s children and the most adorbz grandkids πŸ’– 

We had a cheeky detour to the Murray Mouth which was beautiful before heading back to the barbecue where we played cricket in the garden, ate yummy barbecue food, donned glow stick accessories and danced around the living room! It was so much fun and a great way to end 2016 (I honestly almost forgot it was New Year’s Eve) 

The next day we headed to Brighton (South Australia) for a cheeky swim. The day was overcast when we started out but all of a sudden the sun peeked out and the beach looked glorious. We went for a walk down the beach and then had fish and chips in the sunshine. Gus and I also managed to get sunburnt 😭 my nose was SO RED. 

After a delicious fish and chips we headed to Kate and Greg’s for a cup of tea and banana cake (delicious) and then to Aunty Sue and Uncle Mick’s for a cuppa. Lovely lovely chilled times. We then got home and collapsed in a heap. So much socialising πŸ’…πŸΌ
Then on Monday we headed to the airport to bid Adelaide farewell! Had a cheeky cuppa with the LOVELY Laura Sawade at the airport – what a BABE. Glad we got to hang out even though it was short and sweet – next time we have to have ALL THE LOLZ. 
We jumped on the plane and we were Melbourne bound for a couple of days. Some time for just the four of us to chill, soak up the sun and get TRENDY. 
Melbourne has been lovely. We were staying in St Kilda which I LOVED (beach + trends= dreamy) We ate well and just chilled. Beautiful breakfasts, delicious dinners and sun kissed life. We went to see the penguins at St Kilda Jetty, had incredible cakes, went shopping in Melbs and marvelled at all the beautiful trendy people EVERYWHERE. 

Yesterday we headed out to the beaches south of the city. Swimming and sunbathing and having great family times! 

We then headed over to Williamstown and had dinner with Daylene, Wayne, Sean, Amelia and Beth πŸ’–
We sat outside and it was a perfect summer’s evening. Winter is going to be a shock when I get back to Tokes but the summer nights have been so fab. 

I then had to say goodbye to Mum, Dad and Gus last night as they flew back to London this morning. It has been a blast – always great to hang out with my three favourite people in the world πŸ’–

Sean, Beth and I then went for drinks in the city and it was lusher caught up on life and had all the lolz.

And today I’ve been chilling, eating yummy food and swimming in the pool with Daylene and Wayne before heading back to Tokyo tonight. It has been bliss- I love the summer and I wish it could last forever 😍

It’s been such a lovely 11 days! So much has happened and it’s been a bit of a whirlwind. 2017 has snuck up on me but I’m ready for another year of lolz and living life to the full πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

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