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GREETINGS FROM DOWN UNDER BABES! Hope you are all having a wonderful YULETIDE and that you are well fed and warmed by seasonal cheer! Here’s a run down of what’s been happening in the land of the rising sun including magical cafes with regal cats, festive cheer and belting out Christmas classics at karaoke.

So last Thursday I woke up slowly without an alarm and it was bliss. The holidays have arrived and a wave of calm passed over me. I slowly went to pay my rent (glam) and then decided to head east to a cafe with cats recommended by Tokyo expert and all round babe Jess Whitfield πŸ’–
I took my shoes off and walked into this beautiful cafΓ© belonging to this super sweet Japanese lady and sat down to a gorgeous lunch. There was jazz softly playing and it was bliss. 

The lady has these two beautiful, regal cats who are OWN the runway and lap up all the attention. The food was delicious, there was a delicious coffee included and when I paid, the lady said I could stay for as long as I want. So I stayed for half an hour just sitting in the calm with the cats. I loved my life. 
Friday was then spent Christmas present wrapping, painting my nails, and packing for Australia. Then after a cheeky streamer coffee I headed on down to Yokohama to meet Lizzy-chan who had traversed across Japan to get to Tokyo for Christmas.

We headed into Minato Mirai and looked at the lights and chatted about life and the universe and then headed to Tsunashima to meet David for a cheeky coffee at Veloce. We disturbed the peace as always and had ALL THE LOLZ.

It was then Christmas Eve and David, Liz and I headed into Yokohama after a cheeky lunch and present swap at Saizeriya. We strolled around in the sunshine with joy in our hearts and as night fell we marvelled at the lights ☺️


 I hadn’t been to Yokohama in AGES and it was looking glorious both in the sunshine and then lit up at night 😊 ​
We then went for ramen and I headed back up to Naka Meguro to meet Tommy P and Ruel to check out the illuminations. We bought coffees and rushed over to the lights which had been SWITCHED OFF. They switched them off at 9pm 😭 Stunned, we wandered around anyway and decided to make a cheeky detour to Daikanyama for a wander and a lol. After much merriment and Christmas cheer it was time to head home and get ready for the big day. 
So on Christmas morning I woke up and opened a present from the lovely Becca Hollington ☺️ all the way from New Zealand and with a smile from ear to ear I headed downstairs to have a luxurious breakfast of chocolate and a cup of tea haha. 
After a quick Skype with the family who were already LIVING IT UP down under, I hurried over to meet Lizzy-chan as we headed to the Hilton for Christmas dinner (so fancy πŸ’…πŸΌ) 


I ate EVERYTHING. There was so much food. All you can eat roast dinner feast followed by so many puddings and a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN. I went nuts. I ate so much. 
I then went with the gang up the Shinjuku Metropolitan Government Building and marvelled at Tokyo. After much merriment Lizzy and I scurried off to Naka Meguro for a cheeky coffee ☺️ after mocha orange coffees we met up with Tom, Nick and Becky to see those elusive illuminations! They were beautiful. Beautiful lights, beautiful people. 

After much wandering and so many lolz we headed to Shibuya for purikura and hilarity ensued. We then joined the rest of the world at the illumination at Yoyogi Park. It was SO CROWDED but it was so blue and so fab.

After vlog videos (lol) and muscling our way past the crowds we decided to head over to Shinjuku for Christmas karaoke.
We sang EVERYTHING. Christmas classics including Mariah, Wham, Jingle Bell Rock and Baby it’s Cold Outside. We also sang the Destiny’s Child Medley (a classic) Work It by Missy Elliot and my new karaoke FAVE I’m Every Woman by Chaka Khan 😍😍😍. I was also dressed as a packet of french fries, sure.

πŸ“·:Tommy P

Post karaoke we weren’t ready to go home so we went over to dragon and got down to Ariana and Pitbull! Strutting around the dance floor LOVING LIFE. A perfect way to end the Christmas festivities! 
On Boxing Day I then woke up did some last minute packing adjustments and headed to Narita, Brisbane bound! I was sat in a row with 4 empty chairs #blessed. Basically as good as business class πŸ’…πŸΌ what luck! 
I then touched down at 5.40 AM lol ready to start the day. As I got out of the airport the heat warmed my bones and the scent of Australia filled my lungs. Back home in the Southern Hemisphere ready for a slice of summer. 

I then got the train to Abbey’s and we chilled out with Hank and Jake☺️ had a fry up and caught up on life. Abbey and I the headed to the airport ready to head down to Adelaide for Kiri’s wedding which is in a couple of days. We arrived in Adelaide and were met at the gate by Mum and Dad 😍 

And since life has been fab! Next week I will give you the rundown of all things AUSTRALIA. So far I’m loving it. Loving the sunshine, loving family, loving my life. 

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