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Heeeeeeeey babes! Welcome back to hazvanmazinjapaz – this week I’ve sang Japanese songs, prayed with a Buddhist priest, seen my one true love Fuji-san and had ALL THE lolz celebrating the BABE Helen Bateman’s birthday. Non stop lolz. 
So last Thursday was our last Japanese lesson of the term and we got super excited to give our delightful BABE of a teacher a Christmas present but to our horror she was sick 😭 we had a lesson with a lovely but quite intense teacher instead and then got lead into the end of term party! 

The last cinnamon bun of the 2016

It was lolz and surreal and we were the only beginners. Feeling way out of our depth we sat down in front of the snacks and by lucky coincidence we sat down next to Harada-sensei. 
He’s the teacher who level tested me at the beginning of the term and he has a face that just resonates kindness and wisdom. Such a nice man. He helped us when we had to play the telephone game in Japanese ( which would have been impossible without assistance) someone also played the violin and we all sang this Japanese song. It was like a flashback to primary school when you had to sing that hymn in assembly that you didn’t understand. Terrifying yet lolz. We had a great time. And I’ve decided that I love Harada-sensei and want him to be my Japanese grandfather. One of the nicest, gentlest and kindest people.
Friday then brought the end of the week and I sailed back to Naka Meguro for a cheeky coffee and cinnamon roll and then wandered home to my bed. It was bliss. 

On Saturday I woke up early and refreshed and saw the sun streaming through my window and decided to SEIZE THE DAY and head down to the coast. On the train down to Yokohama I saw Fuji shining in the distance and knew it was going to be a beautiful day. 

I decided to head for Kamakura and then take the cute little Enoden train to the beautiful Inamuragasaki. 

The views were breathtaking and it was wonderful to take myself away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. 
Lots of my students talk about healing. Like “the mountains healed me” and “sitting in the hot spring healed me”. Guys SATURDAY HEALED ME. I sat looking at my one true love, Fuji-San (the babe) with a coffee and just loved being alive. The end of term has been stressful and when you feel like you are being bombarded with information from work, life and your phone it’s so nice to get away and FEEL THE ZEN.

 After a coffee in the sunshine and a lovely little stroll I headed back to Kamakura for a cheeky Thai lunch at Song Be (mine and Liz’s FAVE Vietnamese cafe) before strolling up towards Kita Kamakura. 

I started to wander through the pretty little streets surrounded by temples. I stumbled across this beautiful temple that an art class were painting. All these OAPs were painting the last remnants of autumn framing Jufukuji and it was magical. The atmosphere was so calm and still. 

After strolling in the leaves I headed back to the main road and strolled over to another temple where I was very enthusiastically greeted by a lovely old lady with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. Before I knew it I was in the temple with a guy telling me in depth about their branch of Buddhism and a priest ready to pray with me. 
” Would you like to pray with us, it’ll take about 15 minutes?”
Of course I said yes and we chanted this sutra and I was told to pray and the priest would bless my prayer. I prayed and was blessed by the priest and I turned round and there were about 10 people all praying behind me with me. It was so surreal but incredible. They then took a Polaroid picture of me and the priest (of course) and gave me some apples. They were so incredibly kind and generous and it was so bizarre but so lovely. 

After things got spiritual I continued to wander towards the station and then headed back home to rest before meeting up with Helen, Jess and the gang. 

I walked towards Naka Meguro and made a cheeky detour to have a gander at the illuminations that have been put up along the river. They were beautiful and it was super romantic. I loved it. 

I then headed on down to Roppongi to meet the gang and we strutted down this alleyway (lol) to this cute little izakaya. 
All the lolz were had. So lovely to celebrate with the birthday girl 💖and Jess 💖 also great to see Rhys and Will who are FULL TIME BABES and I hadn’t seen them is so long. These guys enrich my life. We had all the lolz and after chicken and beer we strutted on down to the train station and SLAYED THE RUNWAY THAT IS LIFE.

I stole this collage from Helen (what a babe) this photo just makes me smile from ear to ear)
📷: Helen – Slaying the runway that is life

 We headed on down to Ebisu and went to a bar for jazz, tequila and more lolz. Post tequila we danced over to Oath and got down. We were with Tomo (who is so cool – I’m in awe) who vogued THE HOUSE DOWN. And we danced forever LOVING LIFE 😍 we stayed out till 5 and I made it home with a big bottle of water, some fried chicken and joy in my heart. I had THE BEST time with the best people. WHAT BABES.
On Sunday I then had a lazy day, wandering the streets of Tokyo, picking up Christmas presents and meeting Helen and the gang for a cheeky drink on the way home from Christmas shopping. It was lovely 😊
On Monday I then had classes and work started winding down. We also had secret santa at work and I got this beautiful stocking stuffed with delicious stollen, chocolate some bubbles and an orange- I loved it! 😍

 I then came home had a few drinks after work at home with Onno and Miles my lovely housemates (babes) and it was lovely to relax and look forward to the holidays!
Tuesday was also fab and I met Jess after work for a cheeky late night coffee. She also gave me one of her calendars that she has illustrated. I’m in love.  Jess’ illustrations are THE BOMB and I felt BLESSED to have something she had made (it’s sooooo cool!) if your interested in quirky kooky cool illustrations of Tokyo life and/or homages to Drake/Ru Paul/ Pitbull you should DEF check out her insta @genki_jess, it’s like one of my fave things EVER. 

As well as calendars we discussed LIFE, lolled so much (AS ALWAYS *professional life lovers*) and reluctantly headed home ready for the last day of work yesterday.
Yesterday Christmas arrived at work and I loved it. 

Present from Junko- San soooo cute

It was also Yuka’s last day at work and it was super sad to see her go! I’ve worked with her since I started in Japan and she has been so lovely, supportive and kind. A great coworker and great friend off to live her teaching dreams (I’m going to miss her so much 😭 💖)

So after lessons soon the end of the working day came and the end of working for 2016 🎉🎉🎉🎉 THE HOLIDAYS ARE HERE AND I’M LIVING. Last night I went over to Tom’s and Tom, Michael and I made origami santas and ate some delicious Thai food cooked by the HOST WITH THE MOST. We also experienced the delights of the kotatsu which is a Japanese table with a heater underneath that you stick your legs under. It is THE MOST cosy and comfortable thing ever. We had all the lolz and all the joy 😊

And that’s it for this post bloggers! I’m now off on hols and ready for Christmas!!! I’ll be in Japan till Boxing Day and then I’ll be heading down to Australia for Kiri’s wedding and van Manen reunion times! I’m so excited and so ready ✌🏼️🎉✨💕

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